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Cropping an image


The Crop command is used to define or limit the part of an image/photo that we want to keep. We select that area with the mouse. Then the crop command deletes everything that is outside the selected area.



1. Open Irfanview


2. Select the File menu and Open. Then select the JPG file you want to open. Finally, click the Open button (bottom right)


3. When the image/photo is open, left-click the mouse and drag it to select/limit the area of the image you want. Release the left mouse button when you have the part of the image you want.


Obs: As you drag the mouse, the blue title bar (top in the image below) shows you the size of the image in pixels. In this case it's 265 x 253. This is useful when you want a specific size image.


If you need to adjust the size, place the mouse cursor in one of the corners (or sides) of the selected image and, when you see an arrow pointing both ways, drag it to increase or diminish the selected area.





4. Select the Edit menu and Crop selection.


The area outside the selected area is deleted. Only the inner part of the selected area remains, the one you want.




5. Select the File menu and Save as.


Give your file a slightly different name so that you don't delete the original file.




6. Click the Save button.




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