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Resizing Images


First you need to download Irfanview and install it in your hard disk. When that is done, just follow the steps below to resize images or photos.


1. Open IrfanView


2. Go to File menu and click Open





3. In the Open window, select the folder and the image you want to resize and clik the Open button




4. In the image window, go to Image > Resize/Resample




In the Resize/Resample window (on the right in the image above), only change the width or the height of the image (because the other is automatically changed).


If the image is horizontal, its width should be 200-250 pixels (to be published in a wiki). If it's vertical, its height should be about 200 pixels.


ViP: If the photo is to be published in the wiki "Participants" page, then try to make it 100 x 100, or close to that.


When you've finished these settings, click Ok.



5. Save the new image with a different name (so you don't delete the original one)


Go to File > Save as... 




Choose the folder where you want to save the image > Give it a slightly different name > In Save as type, select JPG.


Finally, click Save.





Obs: Making an image bigger than its original size doesn't work, because it becomes blurred.



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