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Saved by Teresa Almeida d'Eca
on February 6, 2011 at 11:31:40 pm





Please read the page Bauwelt that I just created. I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised. I was.




Alexandra emailed me two days ago asking if I could join her, Irina Darbasova and their students for a chat on Skype about the "Influence of TV". The time would be 5:15 a.m., so regretfully I had to turn the invitation down. However, I left the door open for a better time for me. "Where there's a will, there's a way!" We'll be chatting on Saturday and there will even be a students from China. I'm very excited!  :-)


Today I had a prep chat with Irina. It was delightful! I met her two children and husband, and I also introduced my husband. Can you imagine that we chatted for about 45 mins the first time we met online?


Here are two screenshots I took.






I just uploaded a photo album of our Workshop Closing Ceremony. I created it with Mixbook, which I didn't find very user-friendly. There are too many options for my taste. And it needs quite a bit of adapting to. I almost gave up on it, but I like what I've seen done by colleagues, so I persisted. I like the "turn-page" feature, because it gives a sense of the real thing.


After uploading the photos and not knowing what layout to choose, I decided on the "automix" feature and then made a few changes of my own. Some of the photos would not be in that exact order had I done everything manually, but overall I'm happy with the result. Hope you enjoy it! There's a link in the Sidebar.




At half past midnight (my time) I had the great pleasure to videoconference with dear friends and colleagues at the Yakut TESOL Conference. I said a few opening words and a very interesting Q&A session followed. Thank you for this invitation!




Exactly a month ago I set foot in Yakutsk for a memorable week of knowledge sharing, contacts, new friendships, and learning about the heritage, culture, education and ways of living of the Yakuts. The first online collaboration after our workshop came about this morning (8:00 a.m. my time). Elena Fedorova was giving a two-hour workshop about some of the things she'd learned in those five days and the potential of blended learning for a group of colleagues at YSU, and I had the chance to say a few words and answer a couple of questions through Yahoo Messenger. Take a look at the "Chatlogs" for a brief summary and some screenshots.




Hi, everyone!


I finally created a "Participants" page (link in the Sidebar) where I'd like you all to insert a photo and below it your first and last name. Then write a short text about yourself, including where you teach and what grades you teach. You will need to ask me for access to the page to do this. To resize your photo (about 100 x 100), see the tutorial "Resizing images". I'm sure you'll remember what I showed you.


I just added three tutorials to the wiki (see the Sidebar): Vocaroo (under "Audio and video"), Resizing images and Cropping/Cutting images (under Tutorials). I hope they help you remember things I showed you, espeically about the images.


If you need any help with downloading and installing Irfanview (the image program I used and showed you), please let me know.


I hope to continue uploading photos of Yakutsk tomorrow morning. BTW, it's already the morning of April 17 for you and it's 23:20 of April 16 for me. Enjoy your day! I hope to have a restful sleep.


Hugs all,    Teresa




Dear friends,

It's taken time to get back to my normal active and energetic self after two weeks in your wonderful country with such an intense program. However, I've finally uploaded the first two sets of photos. I hope you enjoy them. Day 1 in Yakutsk shows the warmth that surrounded me as soosn as I landed in your beautiful city and Republic.




I'm enjoying the organizing process and reliving many very pleasant moments. More sets will come up. I hope you can access my "Sets" page so that you can look for more photos, if you feel like it.



I hope to start replying to all your audio and video messages very soon, as well as giving feedback on your wikis.


Hugs all,   Teresa 



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