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Vocaroo is a very practical and user-friendly program to record audio online and then insert a link to it or embed its widget (small application) in a wiki, for example.


The site is extremely simple and funtional. Click Vocaroo and see for yourself.


Registering is free. You can do it here or by clicking "Sign In" (top right of the home page).


Let's follow the images and see how to register, record an audio message and embed (insert) it in the wiki.





1. Open the Vocaroo homepage and click "Sign In" (top right).





2. Click Create one (bottom).




3. Fill in the three fields and click the Submit button.





4. Wait for a message from Vocaroo in the Inbox of the email address you indicated. It has a link for you to confirm your registration. 




5. Log in by filling in your email and password, and clicking "Sign in".





6. You're ready to record a message. Click Send a new voice message.






7. Click the Click to Record button to start the recording process.




8. First you need to give permission for the program/software to access your mic(rophone). Click Allow.




9. To end your recording, click the Click to Stop button. Then you can Listen to your recording. If you aren't happy with it, you can Record Again.




Creating a link or embedding the Vocaroo widget in the wiki


10. If you're happy with your recording, click Post on the internet. You will see the URL of the message to create a link and also the .html code, which you copy and paste in your wiki. To do that, click Source in the wiki and paste the code where you want the message widget to appear in the wiki page.




This is what you see if you create a link.

Varya's Message


And this is what you see if you embed the .html code.




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