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Record and Send a video message with Tokbox



1. Open Tokbox e "Sign up". Fill in the three fields (on the right) and click the green "Sign Up Now" button




2. "Log in" (top) to open your account



3. To record a video message, click "Video message" (on the left) and select "Send a video message". (The image below is slightly different now.)




4. A new window opens and then another smaller window asking you to "Allow" access to the webcam. Click "Ok".


To start recording click the red "Record" button.


It changes to a blue "Stop" button that you click when you finish the recording




5. You can "Play back" your recording and/or "Re-record".


Then you can send the video message to one or several email addresses (separated by a comma). Finally, click the blue "Send" button





6. When you send your message, it becomes available in your "Inbox". Click the "Inbox" and the message you want to open




Notice that you have different options on the right of the message window. Click "Share"




7. A new window opens with the Web address/URL of the message (it allows you to create a link o it in your wiki) and the .html code (taht allows you to embed the message in your wiki)


ViP: In both cases, click the blue "Copy" button and then "Paste" the URL or code wherever you want




Go to your wiki and create a link to your video (see the tutorial) or paste the .html code to embed the video in a wiki page.



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