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Creating a link



Creating a link in PBworks is the same as creating one in a Word editor/processor. It's much more pleasant to the eye to have a link than to see a long URL that means nothing to us or about the content we're about to look at.


Isn't it much more meaningful to see this


David Crystal on It's only a theory 


than this


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7WSzxQ0nX4 ?!



Let's see how to create a link, in this case to a curricular blog that I had with my students. My link will have the name of the blog.


To create a link, we need a URL (address on the Internet or Web, whichever way you want to call it). That URL generally starts with  <http:// > and can end in < .htm/.html/.com > or another extension.


This is the URL (in the red rectangle) of the curricular blog. Select it, copy it and paste it.







  • open the wiki, go to the page where you want to a link and click the Edit tab


  • open the Web page you want to link to, select/highlight the URL and copy it (rightclick on the URL and then click Copy in the little window that opens; or press the Ctrl + C keys simultaneously)


  • go back to your wiki editor and write the name of the page or exercise you're going to link to (in this case, it's a link to a blog)


  • highlight the title of the blog with the mouse (drag the left mouse button from the beginning to the end of the name) until it's a dark grey


CALL Lessons 2005-2007


  • click the link icon / Add link in the tool bar above


  • in the Insert Link (small) window that opens, select URL in Link type, paste * the Web address in the URL bar, check Open in new window and click Ok


* To paste a URL, rightclick on the mouse over the name / highlighted tilte and click Paste; or press the Ctrl + V keys simultaneously.




  • the link should look like this


CALL Lessons 2005-2007 (blog)


If you want to give your readers a specific idea of what kind of a document they're going to browse through, you can write something explanatory (blog, in this case) in parentheses after the link.


ViP: Remember to click the Save button (bottom left) when you finish your work. 



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