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Creating a wiki




1. Open PBworks and click For Education




2. Click Sign up now (top right)





3. Select the Basic plan (it's free!!!) 





4. Fill in all the requested fields (think about a simple name for your wiki) and click the Next button (top right)




ViP: When you click Next, a new window opens asking you to check your email for a message from PBworks to confirm the email address that you gave. Generally, you need to click on a link that they give. Then you should be taken automatically to the page below.



5. Check you preferences and "Terms of service", and then click the Take me to my workspace  button




The FrontPage of your wiki will appear. You shouldn't delete the name "FrontPage", but you can delete all its content and write your own message. It can be a "Welcome" message or an explanatory message about the purpose of the wiki, or both.



This page (and other that you will create) have important features (top right).


  • Page history: click it and you're taken to a page with a list of all the versions of that page. Do not delete them! This feature is very useful if you've made a mistake in a version just saved, for example, because you can "revert" to the previous version. Or you can check previous content that you may have deleted, but is needed once again. It's a "magical" feature! 
  • Create a page: click it and a new window opens. Write the name of the new page in the given bar (after "Name your page"). Then just click the Create page button and you're automatically taken to your new page
  • Upload files: a click allows you to upload files from your hard drive (or a pen drive) to PBworks
  • Pages & Files: a click shows you a list of all the pages you've created (and some that come by default) as well as all the images and files you have in your wiki; you can click any page and edit it, delete a page or pages (by checking them on the left and clicking the "Delete" button, and rename a page
  • Help: click it and you're taken to a page with several Help files and short tutorials



6. Click the Edit tab (above) and star writing!




7. Click the Save button (bottom left) before you go on to another page. (You should click the new "Save and Continue" button regularly while working on a page so that you don't lose work.)



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